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You need to be present on this day to give a brief speech to our undergraduates. Based on your application and speech, the undergraduates will elect the new co-directors and officers. You will be notified by the next morning of their decision.

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Every day underprivileged children come to our institution with the need for a treatment. You can support one of these children from whom you can obtain the life review and photographs with the progress, in case you want to participate more actively in their process.

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Resources are constantly needed to subsidize co-payments, transportation, lodging, food and other items for families that arrive to the Clinic.

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Economic contribution that can occur sporadically, which will be invested in the purchase of equipment, tools and supplies necessary for the comprehensive care of our children. We rely on an inter-disciplinary medical team with clinical and surgical subspecialties in different child health areas, offering diagnosis, treatment and comprehensive care to patients with complex diseases.

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We treat those patients who need periodontal management, due to gum and bone disease; we perform gingivectomy procedures, open and closed root planing, implants, and bone regeneration, among others.

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Jun 4, 2019

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